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 Three Rivers Eye Care feels it is extremely important to provide a large selection of frames to suit your needs. We strive to purchase an inventory with the most up-to-date fashions. 

Our frame stylist works diligently to ensure the best fit and look for you and your lifestyle.

As part of our optical service,
Three Rivers Eye Care offers a complete selection of high quality eyewear.  Our professional staff is trained to help you select frames that look good, fit properly and are compatible with your lens prescription.  We want you to have glasses you are proud of and enjoy wearing.

Lens Technology:

While technology has created vast improvements in lenses, its understandable that many people are confused by the choices. Dr. Laulainen and his staff know that the two most important considerations are material and type of lens. We are here to help guide you in the selection process.

Lens Material:
  • Polycarbonate is thinner and lightweight compared to plastic.
  • Plastic is the most widely used.  It is lighter than glass but not as scratch resistant as glass.  Scratch resistant coating is highly recommended and available on all our lenses.
  • Featherweights or Hi-index is for people with higher prescriptions, the high index produces a thinner, tighter more attractive lens.
  • Glass was the only choice for years.  It does offer a more scratch resistant lens but is a much heavier lens.  They are also easier to break or crack.
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Types of Lenses:
  • Anti-Reflective - These crystal clear lenses have an anti-reflective treatment that provides cleaner, crisper vision with reduced reflections.  Crizal helps reduce distracting reflections and halo’s from computer screens, car and street lights.  These lenses provide enhanced safety for night driving.
  • UV - We recommend all eyewear be UV protected.  Ultraviolet light is invisible to the eye but highly damaging to the cornea, lens and retina.  UV is not a tint but a clear coating.
  • Tints - We have a wide selection of colors to choose from at Three Rivers Eye Care.  Brown, gray or green are best for sunglasses.  Yellow helps in increasing contrast and Amber improves depth perception.  Rose tint helps with fluorescent lighting.
  • Variable Tint - Transition® lenses respond to changes in ultraviolet light and temperature.  As ultraviolet light decreases (indoors), the variable tint lens lightens.
  • Polarized - Best choice of sunglasses for activities associated to glare, or reflections off of water, snow or shiny objects.  There are no better sunglasses than Polarized.
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